The Virginia Inland Sailing Association (VISA) completed another successful Junior Sail Camp with 28 youth attending this past weekend.

In a statement, VISA said that the wind was perfect for Laser sailing, Flying Scot evening trips and Pirate Night.

VISA also wants to recognize following people need to be recognized and thanked for all their efforts including Camp Director-Clark Hight; Camp Instructors: Ted Wagstaff, Cindy Gillespie, Adam Mosely, Amanda Heasley, Tucker Hight, Sarah Richards and Nadia Martin; Assistants: Alan Wagstaff, Bob Suydam and Pat Bergeron; the Rescue Crew of Claire Crivaro and Seth Chalflinch and the kitchen crew: Marianne Rhodes, Shirley Yates, Cindy Bergeron and Liz Suydam,

Laser Donations were contributed by Vasse Vaught for his donation of Lasers for the youth.

VISA also thanks the parents for their trust and said that everyone had a great and memorable time.

"The Youth Board's goal is to share their love of sailing to peers around Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding areas," Director Amanda Heasley said.

According to Heasley, the youth are on the water practicing sailing skills at least one weekend a month and this year have established a Youth Sailing Team with Coach Randy Beauchamp. They are also coached by me and Grace Mann who is a member of our club and currently taking part in the Youth World Sailing Championships in Poland.

The junior board members include Jessie Heasley (Commodore); Elise Moseley (Vice Commodore); Beth Gillespie (Secretary); Gwyneth Martin (Treasurer) and Rae Allen (Marketing).

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