Water temp, 84


Good rule of thumb with stripers, stay on the move. The worst thing you can do is sit in one spot or go back in forth in the same area. Stripers are a fish that's hard to pattern on a day to day plan. But one thing that is for certain, they are always moving. Once you hit a school or group, try to figure out which direction they went by your electronics. What's in the area that gives them area to travel? Creek channel, flats, or moving along the tree lines. Each creek or bend in the river can be different on how the stripers move..... You can make large circles or figure 8's when scouting. Sometimes just moving 50 to 100 yards sometimes all way around the bend. Alot of times they just flat out get out of town.

Most summer methods are working. Downlines, long light lines and light weighted floats baited with alewives or bluebacks. Planers with weighted lines can be effective but turning sharp to stay on the school isn't easy with out tangling with planers. 25-50ft down has been are target area and that can be over 90ft of water.

Remember these fish dont do well at all being released. It's being advised to not continue to target them after your limit.

Jigging is definitely effective at this time. Flukes or bkd on a swamp monkey jig head is definitely hard to beat, heavy bucktails and spoons are also effective. Jigging vertically. Watching your screen or a line counter reel to stay accurate on your depths when jigging.

-For more information, see the August 21 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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