The SML Lions Club has started a new project to help those in the Smith Mountain Lake area get hearing aids that otherwise could not afford them.

This Lions project is lead by Lion Steve Johnson and has been active for a year now. This article is a report of the progress made to date. First will be the cooperative effort with the Miracle-Ear Foundation and second, the interaction with the Lake Christian Ministry and Connect Hearing.

During the winter, Pamela Holland (then-administrative assistant and patient care coordinator of the Westlake Miracle-Ear office) reached out to the SML Lions Club to see if they would partner with them. The idea was that the Miracle-Ear Foundation would administer a hearing test and provide recycled hearing aids in very good condition to financially challenged folks with severe hearing loss for a fee of $150. If these folks could not afford the $150, then the SML Lions Club would pay the $150 for them.

Lion Steve Johnson got involved and proposed this idea to the club; the club whole heartedly decided to support this effort. Working with Tracy Eubank, general manager of Southwest Virginia Miracle-Ear Centers, and Tim Pratt, Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid specialist, the program moved forward. Posters announcing the cooperative effort between the SML Lions Club and Miracle-Ear were placed at numerous places around the SML area. In addition, articles were publishes in the newspaper regarding this SML Lions Club/Miracle-Ear teaming.

-For more information, see the June 12 edition of the Smith mountain Eagle-

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