Carilion cuts ribbon at new location

Carilion Clinic held a ribbon cutting on Friday at its new location on Booker T. Washington Highway near Westlake Plaza.

On Thursday last week at the Smith Mountain Lake Connects meeting held by the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, Carilion Wellness Clinic, who played host, discussed some of the features that they have to offer to people in the area. Following the meeting on Friday, Carilion also held a ribbon cutting at its new location on Booker T. Washington Highway near Westlake Plaza.

“We’re really happy for Carilion Clinic to be able to expand its therapy and rehabilitation entrance into the Westlake area,” Carilion Clinic Vice President Tim Auwarter said. “We’ve been talking about this for a number of years.”

In addition to Westlake, Carilion also has locations in Roanoke County, Downtown Roanoke, Botetourt County and Blacksburg.

Carilion Wellness, in partnership with Runk & Pratt Senior Living Communities has a facility that offers month-to-month memberships and a variety of amenities including functional training, strength and cardio equipment, an indoor pool, group exercise classes, a golf simulator and outdoor pickleball courts. Carilion also has many more features for its members to take advantage of.

“We’re just grateful to have everybody here to get things started,” Auwarter said prior to cutting the ribbon. “Our therapy team is ready to bring Westlake all of its physical therapy and occupational therapy needs. We’re really looking forward to being a member of the community and getting things started.”

-For more information, see the August 28 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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