According to reports, the cashier and manager on duty at Cook Out in Rocky Mount have been terminated as a result of an investigation by the company regarding a lack of service to two Franklin County Sheriff's Office deputies.

"As a result of our internal investigation into the complaints at the Rocky Mount, VA store, we found evidence of extremely long wait times and failure to greet many guests within an acceptable amount of time over the holiday weekend.," Cook Out stated. "These guests of the Rocky Mount, VA location included 2 law enforcement officers who asked the cashier if a manager was there. The cashier did not go and get the manager and the manager did not make himself available to speak to the officers."

Cook Out stated that they worked with the sheriff's office throughout the investigation, that the actions of the employees did not reflect their principals or policy, and that it is their honor to serve the sheriff's office and all guests.

Original 9-8-20

Cook Out in Rocky Mount is the subject of a recent controversy after a social media post that went locally viral alleged that law enforcement officers weren’t served at the location.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office released a statement today confirming the incident and asked that citizens not to rush to judgment as the company investigates.

Cook Out also released a statement that it is an “honor to serve first responders” and stated that there were numerous customer complaints for “extremely long wait times” during the Labor Day weekend as the restaurant was understaffed.

A social media post that received a couple thousand shares alleged that officers waited 32 minutes at the drive-thru while other cars went passed. An officer allegedly asked why their order wasn’t taken and why they “were refusing service” but received no answer.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement in response (in italic):

There has been a lot of discussion on social media the past couple of days in reference to a situation that occurred over the weekend where our deputies were not served at a local fast food restaurant. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the incident and has spoken to the deputies involved. The corporate office of this establishment was contacted, and we are confident that this business will investigate and address the situation appropriately. We ask that citizens not rush to judgement and give the restaurant the ability to thoroughly investigate the circumstances behind the incident. It is our hope that this situation was simply the action of one or two persons and not supported by the restaurant or its management team.

This entire department appreciates all the continued support from our community and from all supporters of Law Enforcement. We are thankful and blessed to serve Franklin County.

Cook Out also released the following statement (in italic):

We would like to sincerely apologize for the unacceptable longer than normal wait times and long lines for our customers. We were understaffed over the Labor Day holiday weekend at our Rocky Mount, VA location and are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.

After completing an internal investigation into the operations of our Rocky Mount, VA location, and speaking with customers who called into our customer service center. We have found evidence of extremely long wait times and failure to greet our guests within an acceptable amount of time over the holiday weekend. We were understaffed at the Rocky Mount, VA location over the holiday weekend which resulted in unacceptable slow service. Several customers sent us complaints and some even drove off due to these longer than normal wait times and for this we apologize. We have taken immediate appropriate corrective action to address the staffing issues and improve the wait times at the Rocky Mount, VA location.

We are very thankful for the continued support of all of our customers in Rocky Mount, VA. It is our honor to serve first responders and all of our customers. We will continue to provide great service and great quality food for all of our customers.

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