The Bedford County Board of Supervisors gave the go-ahead to have a public hearing for the adoption of a daily rate increase for Bedford County Nursing Homes.

The current rate for a shared room with a shared bathroom sits at $244. The proposed increase is projected to make the price $249.

For a private room with a shared bathroom, the cost is $249, and the proposed increase will put it at $254.

A private room with a bathroom sits at $254, and the proposed rate will increase it to $259.

Transportation currently costs $30 per trip, but the proposed rates will increase it to $35.

Medical supplies are projected to jump from $110 to $115 per month, and laundry services are projected to stay the same at $50 per month. 

The board of supervisors had already increased the nursing home rates less than a year ago, back in August 2019. These new projected rate increases would bring in an additional $50,000 in revenue for Bedford County.

The public hearing for the increase in nursing home rates will be Aug. 10.

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