This week, after having read Willy Wonka, Glade Hill Elementary School decorated its hallways with a Willy Wonka theme, portraying the doors as chocolate bars and other various candy decorations throughout the hallway. On the walls of the cafeteria, the students had their photos decorated in oompa loompa cutouts as well.

According to Principal Kimberly Poindexter, this is the first year that Glade Hill has created a theme based off of a book.

“The teachers have created the different scenes in Willy Wonka,” Poindexter said. “Down the hall we start with the golden ticket, then we go to the chocolate river, then the fizzy bubble room, then the glass elevator. Each part of the hallway is decorated to fit with the book.”

Poindexter worked with Glade Hill computer lab manager Kassandra Board, family liaison Renae Hall and library media specialist Mara McAlexander to make the theme happen. Poindexter said that McAlexander read the book to the students.

“The kids have really enjoyed it,” Poindexter said. “The teachers had fun creating the hallway decorations and we all are looking forward to a wonderful treat.”

One of the activities that the students did on Monday was a STEM exercise that involved figuring out a puzzle to locate a hidden key in the library. The key opened a lock box, with another lock that the students had to figure out how to open. The reward for completing this task was a table full of snacks that could be dipped in a chocolate fountain for the students to enjoy.

“We wanted to make it STEM related,” Board said. “Then the library came up with the lock boxes.”

According to Poindexter, the lock boxes were provided by the school system as school supplies. Glade Hill will be decorated with the Willy Wonka theme for the rest of this week going into the break.

“With the success that this has created with the anticipation, fun and educational STEM part of it, I think we’ll definitely look at a book next year to do as well,” Poindexter said. “I don’t know if anything is going to top Willy Wonka though.”

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