Northam touts broadband in area

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam shakes hands with Bob Camicia, a member of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors and chairman of the Franklin County Broadband Authority

In order for the state to move forward, there needs to be universal broadband, Gov. Ralph Northam said to a small gathering at the Summit View Business Park in Franklin County last week.

“This is not a partisan issue; this is something we all agree on,” Northam said.

Northam’s visit to the county Thursday was attended by Del. Charles Poindexter, various members of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors and representatives from the offi ces of Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Denver Riggleman.

The Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (TRRC) announced in June the award of $650,000 for broadband efforts in Franklin County.

Cline Brubaker, chairman of the Franklin County Board of Supervisors, said the broadband grant, as well as Summit View Business Park itself, is one piece of the board’s vision to improve the lives of current citizens and to attract new residents and businesses to the county.

“In the 21st century, the availability of high-speed broadband is every bit as important to residents and businesses as electricity,” Brubaker said. “None of us would accept living and working in a community where the lights only worked part time and the power was unreliable. Similarly, our citizens cannot and should not be expected to live with limited broadband that, for many in our community, is the current way of life.”

-For more information, see the July 24 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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