Located near Westlake Plaza off Scruggs Road, True Organics is a business that has been at its current location at Smith Mountain Lake for the past two and a half years. Store owner Jennifer Patterson practices massage, holistic medicine and skin care.

“We are an organic spa and an organic store,” Patterson said. “About 70 to 80 percent of the products that we sell are either all natural or certified organic. The spa also is 100 percent organic.”

The store specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) products, kratom, essential oils, herbal teas and all-natural skin and body care products. The spa specializes in organic skin and body care treatments, massage therapy, facials and halotherapy (Himalayan salt chamber).

“We can also incorporate CBD into many of our massage and spa therapy sessions, per client request,” Patterson said in a statement. “We have the largest selection of CBD and kratom products in the area, including full-spectrum pet care, protein bars, vitamins, pain cream and even popcorn and soda.”

Patterson said that her business is mainly wholesale to retail, and that many of her products are mostly her own brand, which means they are a private label.

While most of the skin and body care products are private label, the CBD, kratom and essential oils are purchased directly from the source, which harvest, cultivate, manufacture and distribute directly. This allows her business to keep its costs substantially low while not sacrificing quality or quantity.

“We try to keep our costs down as low as possible,” Patterson said. “Our store is organic, our spa is organic and we are nonchemical based as far as treatments.”

One challenge that Patterson’s business faces is its hidden location on Scruggs road, since it is on the lower level of the shopping center. Her business is not on the main road.

“Newcomers tend to comment that they didn’t know we were here and that we’re a ‘hidden’ gem,” Patterson said. “That’s usually followed by them telling me that they’re glad they found me and that they will definitely be back. Our regular clientele and returning customers enjoy the relaxed, rejuvenating atmosphere. Everyone comments on the large selection of merchandise we have and how great the place smells. It’s a joy to see customers take a deep breath in and out as they enter.”

Patterson also said that she is planning on a light remodel in January-February of next year. In addition to the current design, she plans on adding a spa retreat area as well as an additional massage/spa treatment room. She also is anticipating a revamp of the current salt therapy room and extending the business hours. As a result of the future renovations, she is currently hiring for massage therapists and an esthetician. 

“A lot of individuals use CBD products to lessen inflammation, it helps with anxiety, it can work as a sedative for those receiving chemotherapy treatment and those who have chronic pain,” Patterson said. “It can help with a wide variety of illnesses and ailments.”

Anyone wishing to know more information can visit True Organics at 130 Scruggs Road, go to trueorganicsllc.com, email trueorganicsspa@gmail.com or call (540) 719-8783.

 “While we may not be upscale or over eccentric, we are elated to be organic and holistic.” Patterson said. “You wont hear loud blow dryers or smell perfumes and perm solution here. Although you will breathe the aromatics of fresh coffee in the morning and essential oils diffusing while music plays softly in the background. Another great feature about True Organics is that we are available online, anytime.”

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