An incident involving a personal watercraft has left one person injured Wednesday afternoon.

Smith Mountain Lake Marine Volunteer Fire/Rescue (SMLMVFR) was dispatched about 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in response to a boating incident, according to the department’s Chief Todd Ohlerich.

The incident, involving one male rider and a single PWC, happened near channel marker R14 in a cove near the Smith Mountain Lake State Park.

According to Ohlerich, SMLMVFR retrieved the person out of the water and transported him to the state park’s boat ramp. The injured person was taken to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital by helicopter.

Ohlerich said he did not know the extent of the person’s injuries or age.

The PWC incident is the third boating-related incident in the last several days, Ohlerich said.

Earlier incidents include a boat running aground over the weekend in the area of marker B28 and a tubing accident Monday near Craddock Creek Marina.

“Three in a week, that’s quite a bit for us,” Ohlerich said. “So we’re a little worried about next week coming up.”

Ohlerich offered advice for impending Fourth of July festivities.

“In the holiday week coming up, we’re asking everyone to be more observant and be extra careful,” he said. “Definitely wear life jackets, so we can have a safe and fun week next week if you’re out on the water.”

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