Funds for Corporate Park Dr. approved

Robert Hiss

The Bedford County Board of Supervisors in its July 8 regular meeting, approved a request for additional appropriation for a change order to Corporate Park Drive to cover unanticipated costs associated with traffic signal design and sanitary sewer/storm system changes signalization due to utility location and rock discovered during boring tests.

A change order for the sanitary sewer is required due to the contractor (AR Coffee & Sons) encountering large amounts of rock along the original sewer line alignment. The contractor estimated 1,200 cubic yards of rock would need to be removed to install the sanitary sewer, which would require blasting. The construction of the new alignment would be significantly cheaper than blasting and removal along the original alignment of the extension.

“We looked at a path for the sanitary sewer that would involve significantly less rock,” Bedford County Administrator Robert Hiss said. “We wanted to save about half of the cost, that it would be significantly less. This change order could have been a lot worse.”

The change order for the signal pole redesign is due to underground utility conflicts with the proposed pole locations on the south side of Route 221 at the intersection with Elkton Farm Road. The redesign requires the removal of an existing pole and foundation on the southeast corner of the intersection and utilizing a double mast arm pole in its place. It also requires a temporary diagonal signal which will allow the contractor to continue working without delay on the new roadway construction while the new signal components are being manufactured.”

Estimated cost to the County is anticipated to be approximately $213,117.33. Budgeted project contingency is $187,661, resulting in request being $25,456.33 over-budget. Therefore, an additional appropriation of this difference from CIP fund balance is necessary.

-For more information, see the July 10 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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