Katie Davison

Picture is Katie Davison receiving her diploma from SRHS Principal Josh Cornett.

Staunton River High School held its graduation ceremony Saturday at the Impact Church Outdoor Facility beside the Forest Volunteer Fire Department Station.

In an email from SRHS Principal Josh Cornett, because Virginia was still Phase 2, the graduation was held as a drive-in ceremony.

Only vehicles that featured graduates in their attire were allowed on the graduation site. Graduates also were allowed to bring as many family members that they could bring in their vehicles, but were only allowed to bring one vehicle.

The graduation ceremony was broadcasted by 95.1 FM so families of the graduates could listen to the ceremony in their car. 

Some of the SRHS seniors were happy they were able to have an in-person graduation ceremony, even if it was non-traditional. 

“My non-traditional graduation meant more to me than I thought it would,” said graduate Katie Davison. “I now feel like a high school graduate, and that I got closure on my senior year.”

Another graduate from SRHS, Beth Haessler, also was happy with the graduation ceremony. 

“I thought at first it was difficult to process that that’s what we were getting. Then I was excited because it was closure and I would get to see all of my friends again,” she said. “It was one of the days of my life I hope I never forget because it meant so much to me to have that celebration.” 

Another graduate, Mackenzie Blackburn, also was very grateful that they were able to have a graduation.

“It means a lot to me that we got a graduation under these circumstances,” she said. “We all worked hard these past 12 years and the fact that the administration took time to plan something really means a lot.” 

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