The Bedford Regional Water Authority Board of Directors in its June 18 regular meeting, approved to begin the planning, design, construction and operation of fluoridation systems at the Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Facility and the Central Water Treatment Plant.

The Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) Board of Directors requested additional information regarding the cost to add fluoridation systems at the Smith Mountain Lake Water Treatment Plant (SMLWTP) and the Bedford Central Water Treatment Plant (BCWTP).

The BRWA, the Western Virginia Water Authority (WVWA), and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) have worked together to make fluoridation as affordable as possible within the limits of available grant funding. This collaborative effort has eliminated the need for outside design services, simplified the permitting process, and allowed for the selection of cost-effective fluoridation systems that will meet current and future needs for many years to come.

VDH is committed to assisting the BRWA and the WVWA in the efforts to provide the benefits of fluoridated water to consumers and welcomes the application for up to $40,000 of grant funding per year over multiple years to offset eligible capital and operating costs.

As described in the 2014 Smith Mountain Lake Water Facility Agreement, each party will make equal capital contributions to the SMLWTP facility unless otherwise agreed to in a written amendment, therefore the capital costs will be shared equally. The labor needed to install fluoridation equipment at the SMLWTP will be jointly provided by both Authorities, with the exception of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) integration, which will be provided by the BRWA’s term contractor for integration services.

-For more information, see the June 26 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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