Shown is an RV that Michael Brown had access to and was found in Roanoke. The trailer was found in Clarendon County, South Carolina, with a 2008 black Lincoln Town Car inside.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office released a statement that it cannot confirm that Michael Brown, who was arrested in the death of Rodney Brown, was hiding in a recreational vehicle when law enforcement found it in Roanoke.

The statement reads:

“We have been aware of that rumor since Brown was arrested. We have been investigating that information and cannot confirm that Brown was in the RV at the time. We are currently unaware of any surveillance video from the impound lot in Roanoke. This is an ongoing criminal investigation and we will continue to investigate any new information that becomes available.”

The statement was made in reference to a media report citing statements by Michael Brown’s lawyer, Deborah Caldwell-Bono, that he hid behind a cabinet near the top of the RV as law enforcement destroyed the vehicle and towed it to a nearby tow company’s lot. Surveillance footage from the impound lot allegedly shows him leaving the lot by jumping a fence.

Just before noon Nov. 9, Rodney Brown was shot and killed at his home on Woodthrush Cir. in Hardy. Michael Brown, who is the son of Rodney Brown’s live-in girlfriend, was named as the suspect.

Michael Brown allegedly drove a 2008 black Lincoln Town Car, which was found inside an abandoned trailer in the area of Clarendon County, S.C. The RV that allegedly pulled the trailer was found in Roanoke, which was cleared by tactical assets, according to Roanoke police.

He was later found in the attic of Rodney Brown’s home Nov. 27 and apprehended.

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