Three Bedford County citizens including Chad Oaks, Anthony Burke and Scott Sewing came before the board of supervisors in its Jan. 27 regular meeting on Monday, asking for the county’s support in forming a militia, entirely comprised of volunteer citizens.

“I think a county directed, county controlled and county leadership appointed militia is something that would benefit our county at this point,” Sewing said. “I believe that it’s crucial for a citizen to possess the ability to defend themselves. I believe that and I believe that’s what the second amendment represents.”

Last month, the board approved to become a second amendment sanctuary and not enforce any stricter gun laws that are considered to be unconstitutional. Sewing, a former marine who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, expressed his gratitude to the board for this.

“I was a part of the group that went to Richmond to stand up for second amendment rights,” Burke said. “We weren’t heard there, it’s pretty obvious with the laws that keep on passing. I am seeking to get the topic discussed however about forming a militia.”

Burke said that he has already spoken with the sheriff’s office about where everyone stands.

-For more information, see the Jan. 29 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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