Young, Ellis share info on CBD products

Pictured are Deborah Ellis (left) and Traci Lea Young (right) who visited Smith Mountain Lake Coffee House on Thursday to share information about the benefits of Green Compass Global Advocate’s CBD products.

Deborah Ellis and Traci-Lea Young, members of Green Compass Global Advocate (GCGA), visited Smith Mountain Lake Coffee House on Thursday to offer people information about cannabidiol, (CBD).

“It speaks to all organs in the body,” expert Traci-Lea Young said. “If any organ in the body has an imbalance or disfunction, you end up with some kind of a condition. What they’re finding is that if you are regularly taking CBD, it will end up balancing all of those organs in your body including homeostasis.”

Young explained that some of the products that she and her partner, expert Deborah Ellis, had on display were all organically grown by GCGA. GCGA is a vertically integrated company.

“They handle everything from the seed growing in the ground to the seal going on the bottle,” Young said. “They are one of the very first United States Department of Agriculture certified organic hemp farms in the nation. The quality is by far the best we found.”

Young said that she and Ellis wanted to give people more information on how to get a quality product. According to Young, over 80 percent of the CBD products on the market today are sourced out of China, where there is little to no regulation on how the product can be grown or extracted.

“It’s a little scary if you’re just buying something off the shelf,” Young said. “You don’t have any idea as to what’s in it.”

According to the company website, at GCGA, the company is the farmers and experts in growing hemp. The GCGA Farm Management team oversees our North Carolina farms to ensure that they are always adhering to our strict quality, purity, and ethical standards. The team also makes certain that any affiliate farms share the same standards.

It requires daily work, topping the plants to ensure they grow wide rather than high and keeping pests away by hand. Timing the harvest is critical too, to ensure the richest yield of quality CBD oil.

“I see CBD change people's lives every single day,” Young said. “It’s unbelievable, from pediatric patients who have ADD or ADHD or hyperactivity or seizures all the way to people who have parkinson’s who walk into a clinic and they’re tremoring so bad that they can’t write their name on a sheet. Within a matter of minutes for parkinson’s patient, they’ll see a difference.”

Young also said that the famers for GCGA are the Wooten brothers who have generations of organic farming. The founders of the company were organic sweet potato farmers.

Anyone interested in learning more can visit, email or call 540-312-8338.

“GCGA is not a company that added CBD to their repertoire,” Young said. “They are a CBD company. It’s a family that decided to grow and produce their own CBD oil for their own needs. Their circle of friends and family got so large that there were people who wanted to purchase the product from them so they decided to offer it to the community as a direct sales business. Not only could people benefit from their medicine but they could also benefit financially and create an income for their family.”

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