Waves Breaking in the Sky

Amy Hunter put “Waves Breaking in the Sky” up for sale Monday at fineartamerica.com (https://fineartamerica.com/featured/waves-breaking-in-the-sky-amy-hunter.html).

Very few people are fortunate enough to ever see a cloud formation that resembles ocean waves, much less capture it on camera.

Amy Hunter was one of those lucky ones.

She and her husband have owned a place at Smith Mountain Lake for 18 years. She happened to be in the ideal place at the ideal time and took a photo during the 30 seconds or so that it lasted.

Now, millions have likely seen the sight, as her image became somewhat of a viral sensation shared by media around the world.

“When I was lucky enough to capture that moment, I didn’t know it was going to do what it did,” Hunter said. “And — good heavens — it’s everywhere in the world now.”

She said that she shared it to the Smith Mountain Lake Picture Group page on Facebook as well as her own Facebook page and thought that this was as far as the image would go except for a few Facebook shares.

Due to its popularity and since many people have approached her to buy printed copies, she now has photo prints available for sale. She calls it “Waves Breaking in the Sky,” and put it up for sale Monday at fineartamerica.com (https://fineartamerica.com/featured/waves-breaking-in-the-sky-amy-hunter.html).

She said that she didn’t take the picture with any intention of selling it but decided to give that a try since it’s something people have asked for.

“I have an Instagram page for my landscape photography, the majority of which are images of Smith Mountain Lake,” Hunter said. “I have some really, I think, really pretty shots on my Instagram gallery. I’ve had people tell me for years I should try to sell them, and, you know, I’ve always just done it for fun. It’s just kind of a hobby.”

She posts her photos on Instagram under the handle “achunter78.”

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