Kathy Meador

Kathy Meador has served as the secretary of Dudley Elementary School for 50 years.

(Editor’s note: The following article first appeared in Lake Life Magazine earlier this year.)

After 50 years of service as Dudley Elementary School’s secretary, Kathy Meador said she has no plans to retire. 

She began her career in 1970 as an 18-year-old recent graduate of Franklin County High School.

Things were a bit demanding that first year. 

“The secretary in elementary schools, we are the attendance clerk, we are the bookkeeper, we are the person responsible for payroll,” Meador said.  “And so it’s trying to grasp all that in a short amount of time.” 

“The first year was very challenging,” Meador said. “I told myself, I’ll work through this year, and I’m never working again.”

But she came back, and 50 years later, one of her favorite aspects of the job is that “every day is different.” Meador’s duties include issuing bus passes and car ride notes, running the attendance, checking emails and talking to parents. At this time, Meador and Dudley Elementary School Principal Dana Kelley are working on developing the school’s 2020 budget.

Kelley is Meador’s ninth principal, “and I can say I’ve truly been blessed,” Meador said. “Every single person I’ve worked for, worked with, trained, have been fantastic; I mean really, really good. That’s been a blessing.” 

Standout memories are numerous.

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