Franklin Heights Baptist Church, the most recent addition to Agape’s Member Churches, has taken God’s command to ‘multiply’ to heart, as they have been multiplying worshippers and locations in recent years.

Franklin Heights Baptist Church was birthed in 1960. It had a deep conviction that the Bible is God’s Word and Jesus Christ must be Lord. The church is located in the growing area of Rocky Mount known as Franklin Heights.

Dr. Stan Parris became the senior pastor in 2008. By 2011, God had given the church’s leadership the vision to plant ministry locations throughout Franklin County and beyond. Each campus is designed as an integral part of the original Franklin Heights Church but would differ in size, worship style, and atmosphere, reflecting its own participants. As the church continues to multiply, efforts to keep a unified vision and identity are made, as the campuses are overseen by individual campus pastors who are closely tied with the overall organization, maintaining responsibilities that are system-wide in addition to campus specific roles.

The first outreach began as CrossPointe Campus in 2012 in the Burnt Chimney area, operating out of a strip mall. Sixty-five individuals from Franklin Heights formed the nucleus of this effort, making a commitment of six months to one year to help start and develop the CrossPointe Campus. Parris preaches the Sunday morning sermons at the Rocky Mount and CrossPointe campuses. Deke Andrews, a long-time resident of Smith Mountain Lake who has served in many different ministry positions throughout the years, is the campus pastor for Cross Pointe.

-For more information, see the Oct. 16 edition of the Smith Mountain Eagle-

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