Health care must be affordable and accessible to all citizens of the United States and that one of the best ways to ensure health care for all is to use the system that already exists for millions of seniors over the last half century; Medicare. Medicare was signed into law on July 30, 1965. In less than a year, the program signed up 19 million seniors. Medicare now enrolls 10,000 new Americans every day. 

Medicare is popular! 

More than three-quarters of Americans consider Medicare to be a “very important” program, including a strong majority of Republicans, in large part because it provides good fundamental coverage that is affordable once you become 65 years old.

Medicare for All will save us money! 

Medicare is simple and efficient, with administrative overhead of just over 3 percent, compared to about 30 percent for private insurers. There have been many costly proposals to increase insurance coverage, mostly by subsidizing private insurance but single-payer Medicare for All would save an estimated $617 billion annually by slashing the administrative waste of private insurance ($504 billion) and bargaining down drug prices ($113 billion), freeing up enough money for universal coverage without any net increase in U.S. health spending. 

Medicare for All makes health insurance portable! 

Employers hate to have to provide health insurance for their employees. Think of how different it would be to have everyone insured through a national Medicare for All insurance program which you would always have regardless of where you work. Businesses would save money and people would not stay in jobs they don’t like just to hold on to their health insurance. 

There are two candidates running for Congress; Jennifer Lewis in the 6th District and Leslie Cockburn in the 5th who support expanding Medicare to cover all Americans. They deserve your support. Vote on Nov 6. It really does matter!

James Jones

Bedford, VA

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