To the Editor:

The election process is starting once again and this time it is to elect a new Sheriff! As a U.S. Air Force veteran, I would like to express a growing trend and viewpoint that I share with many of my veteran friends. We have seen campaign signs for a certain candidate that state “veterans for.” The signs are too general and generous to the candidate and do not state what veteran group supports this candidate. From our perspective, and in our opinion, this is not accurate, because we like and confidently support Mike Miller!

We like Mike for many reasons. He has lived, raised his family, and worked in Bedford County his entire life. Mike has worked many, if not all, of the positions of the Sheriff’s Office, during his 34-year career. Mike’s Christian values and experience have helped prepare him to be our next Sheriff of Bedford County. He would be a fair and honest Sheriff, to all citizens, regardless of your party standing or personal beliefs. Mike has always said that he wants to be a Sheriff for the people of the county. He would be a good steward of taxpayer money and he has demonstrated his fiscal responsibility in the positions he has held. Many of the programs that Mike has been responsible for, or will take over as Sheriff, are funded by sources other than county taxpayer funds, saving the citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

There is nothing temporary about Mike Miller’s attitude or home address, so let’s help get him elected by helping him win the Republican Primary. Let’s put him on the ballot for the general election so he can be elected the next Sheriff. Vote June 11th, for Mike Miller, for Sheriff of Bedford County.

Charles W. Giles


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