If you live in or around Smith Mountain Lake you probably have very poor internet service everywhere but your phone.  How’s that connection at home or the office? Living in Bedford County side of the lake, the only internet I get is through a wireless jetpack with low data rates and giga-high bills for usage.

Why is internet so poor here at the lake and why is no one concerned. You want your business to grow, you need people to live here.  Today a high speed, high data internet is a pre-requisite for new and permanent residents – and even us old ones. Why don’t I hear my County Supervisors, my members of the Virginia State legislature, the areas Chambers of Commerce and even my neighbors taking up the battle to get us better internet service here? And please don’t get me started on the rumor of a Verizon executive having Verizon FIOS in his residence here at the lake.

Well now we can get started on our own, because I don’t see anyone but ourselves helping us solve this one, except maybe the Governor of Virginia. He has established a web site to find out about our internet needs.  It is RUONLINE.VIRGINIA.GOV.  This site is a survey where you can identify your current internet situation. There is also a Toolkit with 5 easy steps to help us organize and bring broadband to the area.

I completed the survey and it displayed a map of respondent locations. SML residents on Trading Post road and SML Parkway have already discovered this site. The Franklin County side must not have internet as very few have responded.

Please go online to RUonline.Virginia.Gov and let’s color in this map.  We need (better) internet service.


Richard Millar


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