Barbara Hancock deserves to be elected to serve the Callands-Gretna District of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors on November 7. Her commitment to the people of the district and the county at large is matched only by her remarkable ability to manage multiple projects while maintaining a competent, poised stature—especially in the face of adversity. The challenges she will certainly face as supervisor require someone who is qualified and experienced in leadership roles and not only understands the demands and responsibilities of such a position, but also possesses the determination and persistence to see those challenges through in such a way that most benefits the residents of Pittsylvania County. Barbara Hancock fits the bill.

Barbara’s interest in the county is a personal one. She was born and raised in Gretna. She grew up across the road from her grandfather’s farm and spent a lot of time there. This places Pittsylvania County’s agricultural concerns high on her list of priorities. Barbara attended Gretna High School and Pittsylvania Career & Technical Center and she understands the value and importance of workforce training in the context of what sort of high-paying jobs are available in this area as well as the implications of local economic development efforts and how they relate to creating a trained, sustainable employment base to attract new industries to Danville and Pittsylvania County for the long-term prosperity of our region. Hancock also understands the unique concerns of small business owners as she herself is an entrepreneur, operating a health and wellness company. She and her husband, Rodney, have also operated Hancock Electric for 11 years and Hancock Boat Repair since the 1990s.

Barbara is a registered nurse and worked at Danville Regional Medical Center for decades. That role demanded that she be extremely detailed, delicate, and precise. The Callands-Gretna District needs a leader who is attentive to all aspects of county concerns, is considerate and deliberate in decision-making, and will make choices based on careful research with specific, measurable outcomes for the county and its residents. Thousands of people have trusted Barbara with their lives under her medical care as an RN. We can confidently trust her with leading and serving our county.

Barbara is not afraid of going against the grain. She decided to homeschool her two children in 1997. That decision was met with much criticism because it was not seen as a popular choice during that time. She quickly developed a deep respect for all teachers, from homeschool parents to public and private school teachers. During that time, Barbara led homeschool and youth ministry groups and effectively raised the profile of homeschooling in Pittsylvania County while simultaneously reducing the stigma associated with it, thus opening doors for more parents to have more choices when it comes to their children’s formal education. I admire and respect Barbara for her hard-fought struggles as a homeschool instructor and everything that she accomplished by the time her sons both graduated.

Barbara has spoken openly about her commitment to volunteer fire and rescue personnel, local law enforcement and county employees, education resources in the area, county and regional economic development, road improvements, accountability, citizen empowerment, and fiscal responsibility. I have no doubt that she will spend every moment in elected office working for the betterment of our lives as residents of Pittsylvania County. Barbara is the comprehensive candidate in the race for Callands-Gretna, and she possesses all the characteristics and skills of a strong, competent, distinguished leader.

Please cast your ballot for Barbara Hancock on November 7.

Bobby Allen Roach
Dry Fork

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