I want to talk about Denver Riggleman, the Republican candidate for Congress in the 5th District. We need good jobs and less government regulation in Bedford County. We need people who will put America first. Riggleman is a job-creating businessman from close-by Nelson County who supports President Donald Trump’s America First agenda. Riggleman knows firsthand about over reaching government regulations, endless bureaucracy and red tape.

Riggleman was born and raised in rural Virginia. He married his wife at 19 years old. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force at 22 to support his wife and new baby. He was selected as one of several Airmen to be sent to Air Force ROTC across the Country. Riggleman returned home to attend the University of Virginia. He received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant and became an Intelligence Officer and served in six wartime operations. He retired as a Captain and went to National Security Agency Special Projects to do work in counterintelligence.

Riggleman is running to reduce harmful regulation, make the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent, stand up for the community's values in Washington and stand up for veterans. He will be a fierce advocate for us in Washington.

Vote for Denver Riggleman for Congress, because we don’t need more big government, big spending liberal Democrats like Leslie Cockburn. You can stop her by voting. Are you registered to vote? Do you need help getting to the polls? Bedford Republicans can help.

Joanne Holden


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