Distracted as the media is by all the latest news relating to our current pandemic, coverage of legislative actions important to Virginia citizens has been ignored.

Among those legislative actions signed into law by Gov. (Ralph) Northam is a Green Energy initiative (HB20). As authorized by this bill, Dominion Energy and other electric utilities have been given essentially carte blanche to spend all that is necessary to build and maintain solar and wind powered facilities to satisfy 100 percent of their generation requirements by 2045.

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) as quoted here from a March 6 article by ABC News “... has estimated implementing the legislation would result in significant increases to a typical residential customer’s bill.” ABC news further quotes the SCC as saying “... Dominion Energy, which owns the state’s largest electric utility, will collect tens of billions of dollars from Virginia ratepayers to meet the bills requirements.”

Not only will your home electric bill increase perhaps by 25 percent or more by some estimates that I have read, but it follows that with every business paying more for electricity, prices for everything you buy will also increase.

In an attempt to make the necessary electric rate increases for Green Energy affordable by our less-funded citizens, other legislation also has been passed that mandates going forward what you will pay for electricity will be determined according to your income.

According to our district Delegate Charles Poindexter, exactly how billing for electricity by income will be accomplished is not defined in the legislation.

- Al Nelson, Moneta

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