As uttered in the first 150 words of our existence as a sovereign nation, I believe that we are all endowed with certain inalienable, unalterable and irrevocable rights. Those rights are endowed by a Creator, not government.

Government though, deriving its authority from the governed, is instituted to protect those rights, not destroy them.

I believe that the exercise of a true right requires no labor or resources of another. Recent calls for "free" education and "free" health care as basic human rights ignore the fact that both require labor and resources of others thus they aren't "free" and therefore must be rationed by a disinterested and/or antagonistic bureaucracy.

I believe that individual liberty has proven itself to be the single most powerful force to advance the human condition.

I believe that redistribution has proven itself to possibly be the greatest destroyer of social progress ever contrived. Redistribution of anything only erodes society to its lowest common denominator, mediocrity, if you will, with little opportunity or incentive to progress.

I believe that compassion under force of law is not compassion at all, but rather compulsion in its most diabolical form.

I believe that protection of property rights is practically as important to social progress as individual liberty. Why strive to progress if gains will be confiscated?

I believe that the nurturing and education of children is a responsibility so incumbent upon parents that nothing can absolve them of it. Federal intrusion into education has not only caused education costs to outpace inflation by about 2:1 but has also alienated parents and placed youth in a moral vacuum.

I believe that one thing more destructive than redistribution might be the lowly bureaucrat wielding the power of the state.

I am confident that Denver Riggleman shares my views on individual liberty, property rights, government intrusion and nanny-state policies (among others) therefore I will be casting my vote on Nov. 6th for Republican Denver Riggleman as Congressman from Virginia's 5th District. I pray that others around the country will rally and cast their votes for similar liberty-minded representatives because, quoting Abraham Lincoln, "we shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope for earth."

Chuck Angier

Sandy Level

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