To the Editor:

I have noticed that the accumulation of unnecessary, outdated or unwanted stuff just seems to happen after I have stayed in one place for a period of time. I have often rediscovered things and set them out, just to have them sit aside unused because they no longer have a relevant purpose. Several times visitors to my home or office have asked the question, “What in the world are you still doing with this?” That, or questions like that, are usually the spark that causes me to streamline my organizational efforts into a more effective and efficient process. It takes an objective look, from another angle, to see more of what is actually taking place. I think we have reached a point at the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office where a view from a different angle is needed.

There are many talented professionals there but some ideas for efficiency may be lost or be weighed down by a flow of information that is no longer effective. In any organizational process the familiar can be confused for efficiency. The citizens of Bedford County, the deputies and staff of the Sheriff’s Office, and visitors to our county deserve a sheriff who has the capabilities to view policies and practices from a new perspective, and who also has a degree of familiarity with those practices.

Unlike in past elections, we have a highly-qualified field of candidates to choose from. It’s truly a case of good, better and best. So far, there is only one candidate who has the experience to offer a new perspective that is tempered with familiarity of the agency and community. That candidate is Kent Robey. This man is a military veteran. He has experience as a deputy in two counties. He has held leadership positions in the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and conducted law enforcement operations at the federal level with the U. S Air Marshals. His formal education includes a masters in criminal justice and public administration. Kent Robey is the candidate who can make the necessary changes that are needed.

Darryl Updike


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