Hollie Creasey

Pictured is Hollie Creasey, who will be continuing her volleyball career at Eastern Mennonite University.

For the Staunton River High School Softball Team, the thought of losing out on a promising season is tough to swallow, but the thought of losing out on one more go around from their three seniors is even tougher.

One of these three seniors was Hollie Creasey, who will be continuing her athletic career at Eastern Mennonite University. She won’t be going there for softball but instead will go for volleyball.

Don’t think that Creasey wasn’t a valuable player on the softball field. She was actually a very important piece to the softball program at SRHS. 

Last year in 2019, the year the Golden Eagles went back to the state playoffs after reaching the previous year, Creasey’s batting average was .408, and she had a 1,000 percent fielding average. With those types of numbers, Creasey was awarded honors of first-team All-Blue Ridge District and second-team All-Region. For those who know Creasey, those numbers and awards don’t come as a surprise, especially given her dedication to softball throughout her life.

Creasey noted that softball was her favorite sport growing up. In fact, she wrote a letter to herself one day that she was going to college to play softball and then become a coach afterward.

“Growing up in a family who loved softball and stayed at the softball field, there was never a doubt in my mind that one day I would go and play softball in college,” Creasey said. 

Looking at her history, it’s understandable why she had those goals for her.

She began playing softball at 5 years old in the recreation league, where she spent the majority of her time pitching. When she was 11 years old, the all-star rec team she played on went all the way to the state championship game but fell short. She said that her favorite memory playing in her younger years was going all the way to state. 

In the middle of her rec days, at age 8, Creasey joined her first travel team known as Maroon Crush, where she played outfield. Later on, she switched travel teams and started playing for the Stix, where she pitched and played middle infield. It was around this time where she started playing softball for Staunton River Middle School as well.

The next year, Creasey was moved up to Junior Varsity when she was in the eighth grade and played middle infield. She then switched travel teams again her freshman year and started playing for the Virginia Scrappers, where she also played middle infield and outfield. She then finished out her last three years playing in the outfield for varsity after moving up her sophomore year. 

SRHS Head Coach Scott Cisco had plenty of praise for his now former player.

“Hollie had a positive attitude and work ethic,” he said. “I will always remember and miss her sense of humor. She always kept the team laughing and loose. I definitely look for her to be successful at EMU or anywhere else for that matter.”

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