Bryce Mitchell

Pictured is Bryce Mitchell, who will attend Virginia Western Community College and then transfer to Virginia Tech.

Franklin County High School Boy’s Lacrosse team featured eight seniors this year, with only three playing more than two years.

Bryce Mitchell was one of the three seniors who played more than two years; in fact he was the first of the bunch to actually start playing lacrosse. Just like his senior teammates, Mitchell was crushed to learn that his last year playing lacrosse ended before it even began. 

“It’s hard,” Mitchell said, “I wish we could have at least one more game just to have closure for our senior year. I still can’t believe it’s over; it’s hard to come to grips with the reality of it all.”

One of the main reasons why losing his senior year was hard for Mitchell was because lacrosse meant so much to him. From the first day he picked up a lacrosse stick till he hung the cleats up for good, lacrosse was a major part of his life.

His passion for lacrosse started while Mitchell was in the fifth grade. He got an invite from a local couple to come try out lacrosse to see how he liked it. That couple was Cindy and Don Barber, who at the time, were trying to build the lacrosse program in Franklin County. Mitchell agreed, and the rest is history.

“I fell in love with the sport immediately,” he said. “I knew this was the sport I wanted to continue to play.”

Mitchell noted that he had played other sports growing up as well, such as basketball, soccer and baseball. He also played golf in middle school and continued to play basketball up until his freshman year. Even though he had fun playing these sports, none of them compared to his love or dedication for lacrosse.

When it came to lacrosse, Mitchell was always practicing or playing. In fact, he was one the main reasons that got his older brother, Evan, interested in the sport. From there, the siblings shared a different form of brotherly love, by practicing in their backyard together and pushing each other to get better. They both ended up playing high school lacrosse together, which furthered their relationship. He mentioned that his brother was one of his biggest critics but one of his biggest supporters. 

“He was there for me either giving me constructive criticism or telling me I had some great plays,” Mitchell said. “Evan and I will definitely cherish these memories.”

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