The tractor is to agriculture like apple pie is to America – and the two go hand in hand with a county agricultural fair.  The 3rd Annual Franklin County Agricultural Fair will provide an opportunity to see both tractors and apple pies.  Among the many offerings of the Competitive Exhibits is a division class which includes apple pie. The fair is being held Sept 14-17 at the Franklin County Recreation Park in Rocky Mount.

  When it comes to tractors, three tractor-related events will be rolling along during the fair.  These include two pulling competitions by the Blue Ridge Mountain Garden Tractor Pullers and the Southwest Virginia Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Association Pullers.  Meanwhile, the Franklin County High School FFA Alumni Chapter will be hosting a tractor driving competition.  Bring your lawn chairs for the show and enjoy the show.

  On Friday (Sept 16), two events will be taking place. The Blue Ridge Mountain Garden Tractor Pullers Association will rev up engines on Friday from 5:30 -10 pm. The organization offers competition classes ranging from Junior, Pure Stock, Hot Stock, Modified and Mini Rods.

  Meanwhile, also on Friday from 6-9 pm, the Franklin County High School FFA Alumni Chapter will hold a tractor driving competition with roots way going back to the early days of agriculture education.  The course consists of a roped-off 'shed' that the driver must back into, hook up to a hay wagon, then negotiate into the alternate side of the shed. The contest is timed and drivers are penalized for grinding gears, skidding tires, going outside the prescribed course, and general unsafe conduct.

  Finally, on Saturday (Sept 17), from 12-6 pm, the Southwestern Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Association Tractor Pull will showcase what started out many years ago with farmers bringing their favorite tractors out of the fields to bring home bragging rights by pulling the heaviest stone boat – which is now the heaviest motor sport in the world!

  To learn more about the fair, please visit the website  and follow on Facebook @FCAgFAir.  For questions, please contact David Rotenizer, fair chairman at (540) 483-3030.

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