Children participate in a summer camp, ‘Hands on Local History,’ by the Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library.

Recently the Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library held its children’s summer camp, ‘Hands on Local History.’

The children spent a week learning about Bedford County’s connection to the American Revolution. They pretended to be reporters from 2021 that time traveled to 1781. The following reports are from two of the reporters.


Isaac Smith

On day one we went to Johnsons farm in Peaks of Otters, Bedford, Va. We learned about life in the mountains in 1600 to 1800. And we learn how they build their house. We also learn about tools. And is a long hike to there.

On the second day we went Charles Lynch the brother of John Lynch the founder of Lynchburg. We learn about the Native American technology and their way of life. And we learn about Col. Lynch early life and life. We learn about how Wards Road got it name and the hogshead. We learn how gunpowder made.

On day three we to Alum Springs hotel. We learn about John Hook store. And we learn about archaeology. We learn about the arsenal on the grounds. Also we learn about the hole.

On day four we went to Poplar Forest. We learn that Thomas Jefferson love books and he design the house. We learn how to make bricks. And how he made money.


Jonathan Smith

This week I went to 4 different historical sites, and I will tell you what I did.

For this week I am a modern-day reporter and I went back in to time and learned about the American Revolutionary War. I hiked up to the Johnson’s Farm in Peaks of Otter. I learned how they would build a farm in the early 1700s. The workers would put logs on top of each other to build a farm. Then I went to John Lynch’s house. He had a pretty cool house. You should really go. Alum Springs is an old hotel in the American Revolutionary War, and there is a lot of history in this old hotel such as artifacts from when there had shops. The shop would sell tobacco and cotton. Finally, today I went to Popular Forest, and that is the famous Thomas Jefferson house. I went on a tour of the place. I also made bricks, and it was really fun.


Besides what they reported, the children also met a reenactor who shared the British perspective as well as taking a tour of the courthouse and the museum. They then had a pizza party thanks to Little Caesars for the free pizza.

The following sponsors made the camp possible: Bridge Street Café, The Fuzzy Alpaca, Peaksview Dental, Wendy Witt Real Estate, Electric Co. Art, Wipledale Farm Greenhouse Inc., Central Virginia Business Coalition, Ridgewood Animal Hospital and Little Caesars Bedford. The museum is already looking forward to camp next year.

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