Dawn McCray

Dawn McCray is running unopposed to replace Donna Cosmato for the Boone District seat of the Franklin County School Board.

It’s been 10 years since Dawn McCray made a promise to herself that she would get involved with helping the school systems in Franklin County; now she will keep that promise at the beginning of the school year.

Running unopposed to replace Donna Cosmato for the Boone District seat of the Franklin County School Board, McCray said she will continue Cosmato’s good work, bring 100 percent transparency and advocate as a voice for Franklin County parents, who she said holds the ultimate authority of their children’s education and need to have their voices heard.

“They have the right to know what their kids are being taught, and they have the right to ask questions. Everyone needs to engage respectfully, but if the school is turning them away or is not being honest with them, that is not OK,” she said.

McCray said that good communication begins with being honest and transparent with the parents, and the need for the board to be responsible for their decisions has been one of her top priorities since she announced her candidacy for the seat in May. She added that it is the community that supports and invests in their local schools, so the board needs to be responsible to make sure they are holding the schools and each other accountable for delivering a quality education to their children. McCray said one of her biggest promises is accountability, which she wants to bring to the board when elected.

Her background shows that she has had plenty of opportunities to do that. During her business career, McCray has overseen several functions including human resources, legal services, compliance, privacy, risk management and governance.

“It’s often been my responsibility to hold people accountable, and I’m use to asking tough questions and engaging in open and respectful communication. Transparency makes for strong institutions that the community can trust,” she said.

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