What about Bob

A still image of the Moneta lake house from the 1991 film “What about Bob?” starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus. 

(The following article is featured in the newest issue of Lake Life magazine, which is available this week.)

The 1991 film starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss, “What about Bob?,” held a special interest for people in Central Virginia, especially those familiar with Smith Mountain Lake. It may seem difficult to believe, but it has been 30 years since Murray, Dreyfuss and the cast and crew filmed the lake house in the comedy about a psychiatric patient who finagles his way along on his new psychiatrist’s family vacation.

The lake house in the movie is located in Moneta, is still there, and draws attention from fans of the movie to this day (it is on private property, so visiting it is discouraged.)

Yet in the movie’s story, Dr. Leo Marvin, his wife and children, and their vacation-crashing guest Bob Wiley (Wiley — do you see what they did there? The character is quite a wily fellow) supposedly spend their vacation at Lake Winnipesaukee.

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