Bedford County Sheriff’s Office

Above is a group photo taken at Bedford County Sheriff’s Office’s appreciation lunch at Cedar Oaks for its volunteers. At left are Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol Members Rick Taylor and Gary Treadway (holding plaques, from left) next to Bedford County Sheriff Mike Miller (left) and Major Jon Wilks.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office held an appreciation lunch at Cedar Oaks Farm for its volunteers, who are known as RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol); it also honored and awarded plaques to two volunteers: Rick Taylor and Gary Treadway, who are retiring as volunteers.

Bedford County Sheriff Mike Miller said they try to have a lunch or dinner for their volunteers every year. The RSVP work Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and in 2020, they’ve worked more than 2,000 hours. Some of the responsibilities they do include department errands, motorist assists, Project Lifesaver, traffic control, school checks and more.

“What they do for us is that it leaves our road officers out on the road and leaves our administrations staff in the office so we can continue to run this department as efficiently as possible,” Miller said. 

He added that when the COVID-19 pandemic occured in 2020, they left their volunteers at home because they were in the at-risk category. They soon found out how having them around made life easier.

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