Appalachian Power crew

Appalachian Power crew members traverse snowy terrain to restore power for customers.

Approximately 13 percent of Bedford County residents, 22 percent of Franklin County residents and 43 percent of Pittsylvania County residents are still without power since Saturday, and areas hardest hit by the ice storm may be without power for multiple days.

Out of 36,272 tracked customers in Bedford County, 4,656 are without power following an ice storm that brought down power lines. In Franklin County, 7,208 out of 33,346 tracked customers are without power. In Pittsylvania County, 16,601 out of 38,952 tracked customers are without power.

For Appalachian Power Company, 7,208 customers in Franklin County, 392 customers in Bedford County and 746 customers in Pittsylvania County are still without power.

"We are working to ensure known hazards are addressed, ensuring we are aware of critical services without power, assessing damage and addressing large known outages as weather conditions safely permit us to do so," the company stated.

According to Appalachian Power, there is a possible third weather event that may occur tonight into tomorrow that is being preparing for.

According to Southside Electric Cooperative (SEC), there are about 4,264 members in Bedford County and 1,342 customers in Pittsylvania County still without power.

At 10:50 a.m. today, SEC stated that mutual-aid and contracting crews were still out restoring members' electricity. Members may call 1-866-878-5514 to report an outage.

It is unknown when power will be restored.

For Dominion Energy, all customers in Bedford County have power restored, but there are 3,350 customers in Pittsylvania County without power.

The company stated that this was the most damaging and widespread ice storm seen in Virginia since January 2000.

"We know being without power for any period of time is tough, especially when it is cold outside," Dominion Power stated today. "We are working as quickly as possible to restore your power. For planning purposes, we encourage customers in the hardest-hit areas to prepare for the possibility of being without power for multiple days."

Customers may call 866-366-4357 to report a downed wire.

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