The well system’s buildings at Paradise Point are closely tucked behind the entrance sign to the Paradise Point development.

On May 25, the Bedford Regional Water Authority (BRWA) took ownership of a private water system in the Paradise Point subdivision along Hales Ford Road in Bedford County at Smith Mountain Lake to give residents a more reliable and low maintenance water treatment and distribution system.

The Paradise Point Corporation previously owned and operated the system serving the community since 1963. The neighborhood has 24 homes that will become BRWA customers.

Due to the maintenance and operation needs at Paradise Point, along with not having a backup for the operator responsible for maintaining the system for more than 21 years, the homeowners at Paradise Point and the BRWA began discussing transferring the system to the BRWA in 2019.

While these discussions continued, the BRWA began contract operations to assist with the system’s maintenance and operations. In July 2020, Paradise Point confirmed with the BRWA that it would like to transfer its system to alleviate the burden of operating the system by the community.

“Residents from Paradise Point had been struggling with the management of their system for years along with paying hefty contractor bills for line repairs,” said BRWA Director of Engineering Rhonda English. “With the system transferring to the BRWA, residents no longer have to think about the operation of the system, and they can just enjoy the clean water without the work!”

Beginning May 25, Paradise Point customers will be billed monthly for water based upon their metered water usage. The BRWA has a special base fee rate for the subdivision of $37 per month per customer. In addition to this base charge, there will be a volume charge at the current water rate of $5.60 per thousand gallons.

The special rate for the subdivision was based on the cost of upgrading the water treatment plant and performing a complete distribution replacement. To help save costs for the customers and to keep the rate as low as possible, the BRWA stated that it will provide the labor for construction to the extent possible. The upgrades are anticipated to be complete within the first 12 months of operation of the system. The customers will have the new water meters purchased by Paradise Point Corporation, and the labor to install the meters will be provided by the BRWA.

“Over the 31 years that I have been involved with the maintenance of the well, it has served our community providing plenty of great quality water,” Paradise Point President Frank Bartley explained. “However, those of us who have been maintaining the well over the past several decades are no longer in good health, and there have been no volunteers willing to step in to replace or assist us. So, it is past the time that we self-maintain the well, and we are pleased to turn over the system to the Bedford Regional Water Authority. They have the expertise and the equipment to continue to provide us with great drinking water.”

The BRWA stated that it is excited to welcome the residents in Paradise Point as customers.

BRWA provides water and wastewater services to the residents and businesses in Bedford County and the Town of Bedford; additionally, the BRWA partners with the Western Virginia Water Authority to serve customers surrounding Smith Mountain Lake in both Bedford and Franklin County.

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