A Smith Mountain Lake resident, and retired government contracts attorney with a keen knowledge of small business issues has written a book, “While the Nation Slept,” available now in local book stores and through Mascot Books.

  The book, written by David Metzger, takes a look at the country’s businesses, not all of them, but select examples of small, innovative firms. These lean and rapidly growing small firms take ideas from invention through research and testing, to development of a marketable product, design or service. Such companies create jobs, expand the economy, support households and introduce new products.

  According to the book’s accompanying promotional materials, small, innovative firms stuggle to survive in the United States. Most people who do not work with them or for them learn about these companies from newspaper articles, which focus almost exclusively on the stories of those that rose to large firm status. The struggles of smaller firms are largely invisible, notes Metzger, “like the ferocious fight for survival of smaller fish that takes place below the seemingly idyllic surface of a pond.”

  The contributions of small firms listed in Metzger’s book are “but a small slice of the total contributions these firms have made to agency missions and the nation’s improvement. The purpose of this book is to shed light on their struggles and the contributions they make. In short, the goal is to wake up the nation to a struggle everyone needs to recognize and leap up as a nation to assist.

  Metzger, the author, is widely known for his work on the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and has presented programs more than 160 times on the subject. His familiarity with SBIR goes back to his experience on Capitol Hill, where he was staff director for the Energy, Environment, Safety and Research Committee. He also served as director of Innovation and Procurement Policy at the U.S. Small Business Administration. As part of his intellectual property law practice, Metzger assisted mostly small businesses, including a significant number of SBIR firms. While practicing law, he provided legal advice on data rights, patent protection, licensing and other issues under a wide variety of federal laws and regulations. Metzger’s father was a small businessman who owned and operated a small furnace and boat trailering manufacturing company with his six brothers.

  “While the Nation Slept” retails for $19.95 in the U.S., $21.95 in Canada. For more information, contact Metzger at www.DaveMetzgerSBIR.com.

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