The Salyers twins

The Salyers twins, who are the new owners of Smith Mountain Manor, pose for a family photo on the veranda with their babies.

(The following article was featured in the previous issue of Lake Life magazine.)

Before boy meets girl, boy has brother: an identical twin brother. Oh, and the girl? She has a sister: an identical twin sister. So boys meet girls, boys and girls fall in love, and boys and girls have a double wedding — featuring lots of twins. The two couples buy a mansion by the lake and set up a wedding venue. And both couples have a son.

It sounds like the stuff of fairy tales, but this is the real-life story of Josh and Jeremy Salyers and Brittany and Briana Deane Salyers. And the lake in the story is Smith Mountain Lake. 

Their story starts a few years ago, but 2021 is shaping up to be an eventful year for the two couples. This year Brittany and Josh’s son Jett was born Jan. 21, and Briana and Jeremy’s son Jax followed April 22. 

The two couples also bought a home on Smith Mountain Lake together and all moved in. They closed on the mansion on Tolers Ferry Road in Huddleston in January.

Living in a home together was the obvious choice for the two families.

“We get asked if we’re twins every day of our lives; we do everything together,” Jeremy pointed out. “It’s rare for us not to do even the smallest thing together, like going to the grocery store. We’ve done it that way our whole lives. The girls are the same way. So it was only natural for us to move in together after we were married.”

Also this year, the couples became stars in TLC’s reality show, Extreme Sisters.

Ever since their engagement, the Salyers have captured the attention of the public and the media.

“We’ve been in countless articles, TV appearances and talk shows. We were even on an Australian morning show,” Jeremy remarked. “Last year we were contacted by the TLC program Extreme Sisters. It was filmed and aired this year. The filming was done on our property at Smith Mountain Lake right after moving in.”

The first season of Extreme Sisters consists of eight episodes and first aired on TLC from April to June.

Two months after moving in, the Salyers launched their wedding and event venue at their lakeside home and branded it Smith Mountain Manor. They held the first wedding at the manor on Memorial Day weekend, Jeremy reported.

He added that business has been good so far. Only two weddings have taken place there to date, but he explained that the nature of the business is that people usually make their bookings far out, often a year or more ahead of time. The next event is a couple of months out, and they already have several bookings for next year.

While all four of them pitch in, the guys specialize in the landscaping and heavy lifting, and the girls focus on the clerical work, bookings and accounting, Josh stated. They all work on event setups.

Brittany and Briana are both attorneys who work at a law firm in Roanoke during the week Monday through Friday. Josh and Jeremy stay with the kids during the day and give a lot of the tours of the property since they are the ones home during the day.

Why did the Salyers decide on Smith Mountain Lake?

“It’s a really nice area, quiet, and with a good community,” Jeremy explained. “We thought it would be a good place to settle down and start our families. It’s a nice rural area, away from the city, yet close enough to it if we need to go there.”

While the couples enjoy the quieter life of lakeside living, they still enjoy their roles in the public eye.

“We like sharing the story. We always hope we can inspire other twins,” Jeremy commented. “A lot of twins go to the festival and would like that (meeting and marrying twins).”

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