Just before 11 p.m. Saturday, firefighters were dispatched to a residential structure fire on Lighthouse Lane in Huddleston and worked overnight fighting the fire.

They were dispatched at 10:48 p.m. to find a three-story lake house heavily involved, according to the Responding Fire news page.

The Saunders Volunteer Fire Department (Company 10) was the first to arrive on the scene, in which Chief 10 took command.

SML Fireboats (Company 11) supplied water to multiple units, and attacks were made multiple times by multiple teams.

Crews from several area departments, including the Huddleston Volunteer Fire Department (Company 7) and Moneta Volunteer Fire Department (Company 8), worked throughout the night fighting the stubborn fire.

As of 6:01 a.m., crews still remained on scene conducting mop up and overhaul operations.

No injuries were reported, and the fire is under investigation by the Bedford County Fire Marshal’s Office.

According to the Bedford Fire Department (Company 1), they were dispatched as the Rapid Intervention Team with Saunders Volunteer Fire Department (first due), Huddleston Volunteer Fire Department (second due) and Moneta Volunteer Fire Department (requested by second due) along with other county assets.

Deputies who had arrived found a gas grill fire on the back porch and after unsuccessfully attempting to extinguish the fire, reported that the fire had moved to the porch roof and house siding.

After the Saunders Volunteer Fire Department assumed command, next arriving fire apparatus combined personnel and began a defensive attack.

Both the Bedford Fire Department and Huddleston Volunteer Fire Department stated that they worked until 3:30 a.m. to extinguish the fire.

“Strong work by all who helped with this incident,” the Huddleston Volunteer Fire Department stated.

Multiple vehicles directly in front of the structure were saved from the fire, and Ladder 10 performed aerial operations while in mop up.

Due to the length and intensity battling the fire, the department stated that there was unusual sight in which asphalt melted away from exhaust, causing a small hole.

“Fire Rescue 7 was tasked with running two ground monitors as well as a couple hand lines,” the department stated. “This unit was put through the paces and performed very well, however the asphalt was melted away by the exhaust from having to run at such high rpms for the duration of the incident, thus leaving this small hole.”

The Moneta Volunteer Fire Department stated that it responded with Engine 8, Wagon 8, Tanker 8 and Wagon 82.

According to Responding Fire, also responding to the scene were the Huddleston Rescue Squad (Squad 7), Medic 14-1 from the Bedford County Fire and Rescue (BCOFR), County 10 BCOFR, and the Fire Marshal’s Office.

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