Bill Stanley

Bill Stanley

The final week of the General Assembly’s first special session of 2021 had finally concluded on Monday, March 1, as we adjourned “Sine Die.” And after 46 mostly contentious days, I can tell you that the Democrats were able to craft numerous pieces of legislation that fits the radical left agenda of the liberal special interest groups that have been clamoring to change Virginia into, well, more like California. And they have succeeded for the most part.

I have equated their efforts to a political “jewelry store smash and grab,” where like a robber, they smash the top of the jewelry counter and grab all the stuff they can before the alarm bell sounds and they get caught. Well, they got a lot passed along strictly party-lines to satisfy their ultra-liberal base in Northern Virginia, but I can guarantee you that they are still hungry for more. That’s why the upcoming state elections in November will be so critical to the future of Virginia, and our ability to stop this deconstruction of Virginia by the Democrats is imperative. And maybe that’s why they are acting so fast in passing such bad and harmful legislation, because they know that they never again may have control of the Senate, House of Delegates and governor’s mansion when the alarm bells go off and Virginians find out what they have done. They have not governed for you and me, rather they have governed for themselves alone, and the rest of Virginia is irrelevant to them.

This last week saw a flurry of action, and Republicans challenged these bad bills at every turn. We pointed out the inadequacies, the failures and even the just poor writing of some of these proposed laws in lengthy debates on the Senate floor. At this point in any session, debates can be very lengthy because some of most contentious issues are up for final passage. While many of the bills approved by the General Assembly are straightforward, those on particularly contentious issues tend to be complex and detailed. Democrats didn’t care if their bills were flawed, though, they just wanted them to pass, without any thought as to the consequences that their agenda would have on everyday citizens of the commonwealth.

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