I’ve heard it said many times, there are two sides to every story. While so many people are jumping on the bandwagon of the sellers housing market in our area, it is not affecting everyone in a positive way.

Let me tell you the story of Betty (name changed for privacy). When Betty was a child, she grew up in an orphanage never really knowing her parents. At 24 years old, she was swept off her feet by an older divorced man who promised her the moon. He brought a 2-year-old son into the marriage, and she also had a toddler boy.

After a few years he abruptly told Betty he was leaving her for another woman. She struggled to support herself and her child. She took some classes and started working in a real estate office. After her son was grown, he had two children, and then the courts took the boys away because the parents had fights and other issues.

Betty took his two little boys, ages 3 and 4, and adopted them. She worked hard, and her health declined. When these boys left home, she had two bad knees and couldn’t get around without a walker. She volunteered at Eastlake Community Church once a week and did what she could.

For 13 years she rented a little house and kept it neat and clean. Some people in her church wanted to help Betty, so with the landlord’s permission, they painted rooms, laid new flooring, refinished the cabinets and put-up tile. The place looked beautiful. Then the landlord decided to sell her house. For 13 years, he never did a thing to her house and now he wanted to cash in on the housing market. It sold within a week.

Now Betty is faced with trying to find somewhere to live in this difficult market. She would love to own a home but lives off social security and doesn’t have enough for a down payment. She has a month to move. Her rent was $550 a month, but there is very little to nothing available at that price. She had surgery on one knee in May and has to get the other knee operated on soon but doesn’t know where she is going.

She is trusting God and with her faith and the prayers of her many friends, she knows she will get through this. So, you see, while this housing market is a blessing for many, it is certainly a challenge for those less fortunate. Let’s be aware of our neighbors who are struggling and need help. You just might be someone’s answer to prayer!

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