Jason W. Johnson is seeking reelection as the representative on the Bedford County School Board for magisterial District 2. He currently holds the position and serves as chairman of the said board. His continuation should not be a question, but a lock. Here’s why.

Few, if any, are as dedicated to education as Johnson; particularly, in the district he serves. He’s a graduate of Moneta Elementary and Staunton River Middle and High Schools. So he knows, first hand, who he serves. His higher education is about as local as it can be: a baccalaureate degree from University of Lynchburg (LC) and masters from Virginia Tech, where he currently serves as an academic counselor.

Most conscientious school board members perform their position by studying the issues at hand, attending board meetings and voting. Few spend much time courting their constituents. They are seen only at board meetings. Not so with Jason Johnson. A rap on him during his first election was that “He lived in Blacksburg, came home most week-ends.” Actually, the situation has been that he’s lived near the White House Corner Store and commutes to Blacksburg. As it is, he often seems omnipresent.

He attends. A football player leaving the field after a play will see Johnson in the bleachers. A student actor in a class performance will see him on the first row. A nervous young couple attending their first prom is often greeted by Jason at the door, resplendent in his signature bow tie. How many school board members give these services, as well as appearing at other social and political gatherings in the district?

It’s probably a similar reason that caused his fellows to elect him as their chairman. And should be a reason why past and present students can reflect on how fortunate they are that Jason Johnson was their board rep when they were in school.

His reelection is vital to ensure his standards will be maintained.

- Glenn Ayers, Moneta

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