I am writing to respond to Congressman Bob Good’s recent article (“The Real Radicals” in the April 13 issue of the Smith Mountain Eagle.)

Bob Good sounds like an opinion host on Fox News rather than the Congressman representing the 5th District. What I want to know from Congressman Good is what he is personally doing to support and represent the people who elected him. I really do not care about his opinion of a judge who will sit on a very conservative Supreme Court who will have no effect on anyone’s life who lives in his District.

Did Congressman Good vote for the pandemic relief bill that was meant to help businesses get through the crisis? Did he vote for the infrastructure bill that will repair roads, bridges, and bring broadband to the region? Is he doing anything at all to legislate in a way that will help the district? Is he working with other congressman or congresswoman to help his constituents?

The answer to all these questions is a big NO. We really have to ask ourselves, “Why is he there?” He gets paid a decent sum of taxpayer money and all he has done so far is to throw out innuendo and personally attack others.

For the sake of all of us, I would hope that Congressman Good would just do his job. 

A concerned taxpaying citizen,

- Marilyn Quagliotti, Moneta

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