The Agape Center, Lake Christian Ministries and SML Good Neighbors thank everyone who helped make the recent Capps & Community Charity Challenge event a huge success!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the charities had not been able to hold fundraising events and resources have been stretched as increasing numbers of families need food assistance, financial aid and educational support.

Capps Home Building Center, which initiated the Community Challenge concept, and several other generous sponsors, agreed to match up to $100,000 in contributions made during the Oct. 12-17 effort to support our charities’ collective community services. As contributions incredibly reached the goal by mid-week, new sponsors stepped forward to add another $40,000 to the challenge pot. At the week’s end, donations from the community exceeded our new goal, providing over $290,000 to be shared among the three charities.

We, the executive directors of the three benefiting charities, are grateful to Capps Home Building Center and the other supporting sponsors for providing $140,000 in matching funds and the rare opportunity for nonprofits to work together when the need is so great.

We also are thankful for the overwhelming generosity of the Smith Mountain Lake community that enabled us to go above and beyond our fundraising goal. Our organizations are eager to put these funds to use to assist those in our community who are being especially hard-hit economically by the pandemic. 

- Sue Lipscomb, The Agape Center

- Jane Winters, Lake Christian Ministries

- Lisa Lietz, SML Good Neighbors

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